Saturday, July 23, 2011

Me and bola

nahhh..i don't watch so much international games but Malaysian games, i rather not miss it...i follow many match. it was not recent hobby , i've following malaysia football games and some international plays since high school...we came from a sports father still doing the coaching things for SUKMA...macamla tak de keje lain...balik keje pukul 5 terus pegi stadium...bile time tournament kiteorang kena paksa datang stadium,tgk anak2 buah die punye event...haha

actually i love watching and cheering our national team..all i expect was a good game!score difference wasn't come first...tho sometimes we the fans tend to "mencarut" when the players not playing well, it was just a comment...of course we want our country or state to win...not a hate words or something..just a fan wants their team to do better and be the best next time...

tho that, i found out recently, i was acting "meroyan" when cheering up either the malaysia oplympic squad or malaysia worldcup qualifying team...hahahahaha...naseb tgk p2p je..kalau kat stadium ni...boleh kena baling keluar dari stadium..

neway, congrats malaysian teams for just finished games against Singapore with 3-5 score, eventhough we lose, we still bring with us 3 away goals...but, i still think today's match the worst ever.....!malas nak komen, sain jiwa!

so i will always support HARIMAU MALAYA... we sure can do far more better than today..looking forward 28th July for second leg match in Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil..we can take this fake lionsssss..hahahaha

go go Malaysia!!

Most Precious

Dear friends, i lost my dearly brother, Mohammad Haziq Yusof after he was hit by a car on last 12th May was HUGE loss....really.

I took me till now to open up about this.i still do cry at nights....half of my soul gone with him...i love my siblings and family more and more than myself....i always do everything to make thing at ease for them especially my siblings....we go bowling-game after game after game, we love watching movies together-sometimes 3 movies in a row, karaokeing :(...we "love" doing the " our siblings trips".we hate-but- had-to go to the stadium when ayah forced us to come with him to see his athletes have a tournament...orang lain pakai t shirt, kita pakai macam nak pegi jenjalan dengan harapan ayah lepaskan la awal sket...many other things we did much fun!!

I used to received in my inbox so many requests and wish lists from my brothers and lil sister....kasutla, jamla, handphonela, bajula, contact lensla....tho most of them are quite ridiculous sometimes, some of them i just to erti kate lain kena pau...

...and when one of us wasn't here anymore, you are not here haziq, physically...things that we used to do together, 4 of us, has become weird....ugly weird!

It's not fun anymore!!it hurt me and the others...why so soon?

Dear brother, i love you more than i love myself, i love the family more than myself...if this ugly and painful feeling, and if the unlimited fun, lots of it and craziness are taken away from me and us for unlimited fun and happiness for you in the other world there...i take it as my only love from me to you. my love and prayers will always be with you...

Dear brother, i still do see you in my dream hurt.and if i have to grow old with you like this, i take it.

Everybody misses you.

People say, if you wanna see what a person carry together with him when he died, you see the people who came to his funeral and visit his grave...ibu kate kawan-kawan bangcik setiap hari jumaat datang lawat kat kubur.cikgu addmath n cikgu akaun pon....sebab bangcik pergi hari jumaat...lepas kelas tambahan.

Wtf with the car that hit you. ayah said he's going to settle the things soon.that hurt too. to see things all over again.

I can work up this kind of is weird but i gotta deal with it.we always do and get things the hardest way...gone with half of my soul.till the day we finally meet again, you will always be my brother.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


google pic

I'm brutally and deliriously happy for some of my school friends, classmates here, cousins and old and not so old friends who are newly wed or getting married in 2010 or this year 2011... May you guys continue the next step of life happily and with so much love a

and joys ...

google pic

As for me marriage is totally a big thing and I don't and can't really see me getting into that "step" in near life..seems really BIG STEP to me. And I do respect for those who made decision to get wed now, must be tough!because basics rule about getting married is;

"you get wed or to be more precise can get wed when you are ready to carry the toughest responsibility where once a while you may face bumpy roads along the way as husband or wife, manage to work them out TOGETHER and swear and promise to each other to protect and to love your spouse till forever"

A very simple advice :

there will be nomore U nor I or yours nor mine once you're married, there will be 24:7 US and ours.. ; )))


Seems like a BIG responsibility for me now... Fuuihhhh! ; p

Once again to newly wed couplesszzzzz congratulation!!you guys just look stunning and great on your big day. And those who are planning to leap into "the most cherious moments of your life" step, congrats to you too.. And BIG thank you to you because you guys just added tons of collection of pics and videos of wedding into my new HOBBY which I recently call...

" mari berangan kahwin" Haha.. Till then..

p/s: here's for many happy returns to you guys..cheers!

Saturday, April 30, 2011

hilang hormat

hari ni nak cerita pasal hilang hormat aku kat makcik2 tempe...

subjek-subjeknye cukuplah makcik2 tempe sahaja...itu dah merangkumi segala aspek umur kat negara yang super tak best ini....

jumaat hari tu(hari2 pon same jer)..aku bawa la scooter balik kelas, odw balik tu tak lah peak hour, bukan time org balik kerja....tapi jalan jammed!dah la panas2 terik, rupa2 nye (seperti biasa...) tempe ni yang buat jammed...huru hara, tak menyempat-nyempat nak cross sana sini...memang patut kerajaan ko buat divider jalan..kalau rendah sket divider tu...comfirm ko boleh angkat motor or kereta ko skali atas tu...

entahla, aku bukan nak buruk2 warganegara ni...but memang almost semua(semua sama jer) jenis yang tak menyempat dan paling aku pantang tak reti beratur..nanti aku cite pasal tak reti beratur ni..memang bangsat abes(tak nyesal langsung gune ayat ni nak describe dorang..)

so pasal makcik2 ni..masa odw balik tu biasalah kalau jalan dorang ni kat pekan2 bawa 40km/j-50km/jer..sebab takot terlanggar makcik2 bodoh(memang sumpah bodoh) yang melintas sesuka hati nenek die jerrrrrrrrr kat jalan raya tu...macam la comfirm orang takkan langgar ko..kadang2 aku terpaksa honk die dari jauh supaya bagi sedar sket yang kau tu nak mati sgt kerrr!!...mungkin korang rasa kasar ayat22 ni, especially for makcik mmg yang tua-tua ni..but memang tak de otak langsung...

kadang2 tu(selalunye...) lepas je aku mengelak makcik yang bermuke toye tu, siap aku jerit mcm perempuan sawan (sedikit exageration!) "bodohla ko ni makcik!!!!!!" dan seumpamanye..

owh i'm not talking about one makcik, almost all makcik tempe ni semua perangai same!!

lagi satu paling aku bengang aku tak tahulah macam mane zaman2 sekolah dorang ni diajar cara2 nak melintas jalan yang betul ke tak..but dorang ni dari umur muda sampai tua..tak reti lintas jalan..just tgk the other side of road clear, teros lintas..pastu bile kite yang datang dari jalan yang same ni hampir2 nak terlanggar die, nak memaki2 pulak..dasar tempe betul..

sumpah aku cakap kat korang hilang betol respect kat warganegara ni, tak kira tua or muda, kaya or miskin....semua same!!

i just wanna finish my study here and i'm done here...

owh tu baru part lintas jalan dan kebebalan dorang ni memandu dan sikap tak menyempat tu...
belom lagi bab tak reti beratur dengan bau ketiak lagik..nnt aku cite lagi...

bubye nak movie marathon japs!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

me at 24 years of life

i'm so blessed to live till all these years, so many things i've seen and learnt..syukur!

so, me at this age,

  • i'm still not done with my study...not because i had to repeat years or anything like that but memang tak habes study lagi..sometimes(most of the times) , i questioned myself why did i study medicine...dimana silapnyerrr...:PP but dah terlambat for that kan??
  • and i'm not married to anybody, yup i know back home most of my friend has gone tru this phase( thanks for the invitation cards, they're all very pretty!!) and some(most) already get pregnant..hmmm, happy for the mummies :))...i must say even after i graduated i don't see me getting married just yet, hmm..nahhh...haha, i know my mom keep telling me i'll become "andartu if i'm still single by age 28...skrang pon dah andartu pon kan....:
  • still a blob of fat, sculpted into human figure, ...lalalalalala~~
  • still can't see my future me as somebody's wife, good, loving mother ...and worst my 30s, 40s, 50s...noooooo!!!i don't want to age please,neither want to have this plastic botox faces *ugly*
so i guess the BEST way now is just to finish my MBBS, become a really good doctor, further in field of interest ( still fail to have vision on it by now :)) must get married by 28 of age (i call this age as "i'm-desperate-to-get-married-and-become-pregnant age " OR "please-propose-me-to-be-your-wife-or-i'll-propose-you-first age"...haha :PPPPP ), stop reproducing by age 32 but i wanted to have 4 to my future husband you have only 4 years to gimme 4 kids and i don't wanna get pregnant every year ( i needed good PNC here), so you better gimme a twin ok?, no matter how it takes...*desperate enough*

*berangan after habes community medicine practical*



akhirnye habes gak exam....alhamdulillah..semoga usaha berbaloi dan mintak lepas semua..amin!

ok tu je malas nak cite pasal exam lagi..boring~~

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hip hip hureeeeeeyyy!

*x de kene mengena*
ahhh... x kesah asal kan hari ni last eam practical iaitu subjek paling bosan sekalian alam...

i hope i wont screw my practical this fternoon..will update soon after i finished k..

owh and semalam practical ENT...the old external examiner tu macamj #$%@!!!..sumpah...x kesahla...hopefully i won't fail pelezzzzz!

Monday, March 21, 2011

21/03/2011- OPTHAL practical

status - completed

seperti biasa kite doakan je la result cemerlang yer..aamin!!

owh practical tadi memang mencuakkan...but external memang baik2 belaka...tak de yang kena marah..kalau tension2 tu sebab tension tak dapat jawab padahal baru je reramai balajar tadi..adehh

kes aku dapat tadi bilateral nasal pterygium dan mature senile cataract on right eye and left immature senile cataract...di nasihatkan korang tulis teros elok mase amek kes tu sebabtakot tak de mase nanti sebab tros viva for history taking..

overall viva case ok2 jer..simple2 jer tanye, management of pterygium, type of pterigium..cataract plak phaco, SICS ngan management cataract..

for spotters plak..tadi takdek plak histo slide..tak tau nape tak de..

for model ngan charts...simple2 jer..insertion of occular muscles for model..haah tu je die tanye..but charts die tanye 4 charts ok..POAG wajib ade, lain2 tu visual field sila study semua, tak yah nak main2 mintak dapat field defect je..haha
and now....for drugs and instruments memang the killer part la...die susunsemua ubat and instrument atas meja then main tunjuk2 je ni ape, guna kat mane..tadi aku dapat 5 instruments and 6 drugs..timolol,latanosprost, prednisolone, epinephrine, flourescein strip ngan cipro...die tanye gune kat ne jer after korang identify tu..senang je..takde la susah mane...

so good luck!

esok aku ENT practical plak..!!mari tido dulu meh

Saturday, March 19, 2011

i need help!

waaaaaa!!! MARCH and APRIL every year will bring enough misery to my life and my pocket!


Actually this coming 29th march is Fareed birthday! so kenalah beli hadiah which is the crucial decision to make and need saving from few month back!!

First year mase berkawan2 dengan die i gave him GUESS shirt jer...sebab die ni tak suke pakai baju yang berkolar2...pakai roundneck je...aku memang suke bagi benda yang die tak suke..tengok now, dah suke pakai kemeja or collar shirt...macho la konon kot..

Second year, mase ni dah bagi hadiah mahal sket..aku bagi jam TOMMY HILFIGER watch...tak susah sangat nak pilih yang mane sebab, seminggu sebelum tu dah bawa die gi usha2 jam kat homestop...konon2 nak beli hadiah untuk adik..*very lame excuses kan*
third year, pon jam juga but this cost me alot!!
those who closed to me know how much i like and this watch's BALMAIN...mase ni cinta tengah memuncak and i was actually over [way overrr] budget this time...nnt aku upload gambar jam ni eh, tak jumpe plak die kat tenet..

so now this year, setelah tahun ke 4 berkawan dan bercinta...

aku jadi mati pucuk!tak tahu nak bagi ape ......keadaan yang same stress macam exam practical nih...owh nanti kalau korang terserempak ngan aku kat GARUDA mall or mantri sorang 2 tu maksudnye aku tengah mencari2 la hadiah k..

this year, i plan i was supposed to be like this;

  • hadiah tak lebih rs10k, kalau boleh nak bagi hadiah kasih sayang jer, it's priceless!:P
  • .....hmm firm hadiah tak lebih rs10k!
  • dinner with him kat malaysia...since dah nak balik malaysia
  • memenuhkan activity boyfren and girldfren semaksimum yang boleh...wakakakaka!
here things in my mind now, but tak decide lagi

  • ipod dock
  • jam lagi...kan aku dah ckp mmg mati akal habes, no idea~~
  • paul smith wallet
  • shoes
  • blablabla...tak de idea
* dah macam nak beli hadiah hantaran dah kan..

owh satu lagi masalah! this coming 4th april jugalah our anniversary yang ke 3...hadiah lagi...fenin!

ok bye nak tido lagi cari ilham...:))

kes no 2- oh NEW fanta

Actually kes no 2 ni menceritakan kebodohan aku la ni..wahahaha

cerita die time exam gakla, before ENT kot...memang musim2 exam ni malas sangat-sangat nak masak....time tu order dominos pizza la nih..

me:hi i would like to order 1 single cheese and barbecue pizza, 2 choco lava and 1 red italiano pasta(bukan semua aku makan keh...haha)

Dominos: ok, would you like extra topping , cheese, vegs, chicken,madam?

me:no thanks. that's all.

Dominos: please mam, take extra cheeessseeeee, it'll be good,i sure you blablabla...and would you like to take soft drink with you...we have new FANTA, it's really good, you should try this time..

me: No thanks, no soft drink no extra cheeesee!

dominos: please mam, this time is different..all are new stocks..the new fanta is reAAAAALLyyy good!please take extra cheese mam

setelah hampir 5 minit die dok promote extra cheese and new fanta tu, aku pon ...

me: ok just gimme extra cheese pizza with orange fanta(nak jugak aku rasa fanta baru ni)

20 minit kemudian, abang deliery ni pon sampai..

pizza okla...penuh EXTRA calories, extra cheese nak try la plak new FANTA ni, sekali tengok fanta ni same je, nak kate botol lain ke tak plak, siap berdebu2 lagi botol die, new stock kah?

aku:..maybe rasa die lain kot...(tengok berfikiran positif)...sekali rasa, sah FANTA same je macam kat CS,sumpah tak sedap!..arrgggh..tension ok!

nak cerita kat sini, kels kat sini kalau bercerita macam la hebat sangat, adik aku cakap "cerita tak nak lebat lagi".....kalau dorang salah pon die boleh buat korang rasa korang yang salah.....silap aku gakla gi layan minah yang amek order pizza aku tu..tak pe musim exam kite kena baik sikit ok...

walaubagaimanapon, will try my best to avoid any complication with them..tinggal setahun setengah saje lagi wehhhh!!..after this holiday, i am proudly tell you, i'll be FINAL PHASE MBBS student!!woooooo!

*ok theory practical kau tak habes lagi la AINA NADIA oii...:))

yeay exam theory dah habes!!

holllaaa, it's been some time kan..

hmm....latest update, i just finished my 3r phase final examination....yehaaaaa...result belakang kira!penat study dah and now time to happy!gagagaga

owh actually 2 incidents had happened to me masa tengah exam week tu..semua bikin aku panas kann....n seperti biasa tempe2(tempatan people) punya hal la nih...

silalah evaluate my case k..

first case;

pukul 2pg tgh study for community medicine paper,tetiba org RELIANCE call nak promote wimax broadband die...yup mane die dpt no aku pon x tau..

reliance: hello, we are calling from reliance telecommunication, we want to promote our reliance wimax broadband .......would you.......

me:....where did you get my number,hello?*senyap* i'm not interested...*teros letak,geram tapi x marah aka maki hamun sebab aku nak exam esok pagi..

tetiba die ni buat gila call sampai 10 kali...sumpah mmg x angkat sebab kalau angkat comfirm aku mencarut sat gi...lepas 3 kali aku silent-kan phone....lepas 5 kali aku cancel je call die,geram asyik vibrate....dalam hati "aku sabar sampai call yang ke sepuloh jer"

call yang ke 11...


aku: hoi(pembuka bicara...)...why did you keep calling me, i already said i'm not interested with your [s****d] broadband offer!!and where the [f*****g hell] did you get my number!!(time ni mmg BP dah mencanak naik, pukul 2 pg ok, cube time tu aku tgh tido,celaka betol!)

reliancetele:*suara dah irritated*...hello madam,we are calling to promote wimax, you should listen first and it's up to you if you are interested or not...why did you keep disconnecting the calls...

aku:..[fuck you] more time you called me, i'll make a report of you...[bodoh punye k****g!]

mase ni tension sangat,memang org2 tempe kat sini kadang pelik sangat pe'el dorang ni, kadang2 benda x logik dan org bodoh pon tak buat but dorang buat ok...ade plaj ko nk sound aku sebab aku tak nak dgr kau promote wimax tu...

owh yang dalam [xxx] tu ape yang aku tak cakap sebab jaga mulut time exam....sekarang dah habes exam (theory je baru habes padahal :)), ko try la call aku lagi skali ,sekali jer....

owh nak gi msk jap, nnt cerita kes no 2..bubye!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i hope i wont see you again..

yeay!!dah merdeka commed hari ni..gagagaga!merdeka sampai result keluar je la..owhhh tolong la.] lulus pelesssss!!tak sanggup nak baca commed lagi..bosan dan boleh jadi gila ok..

so senang ke paper tadi and semalam??

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....depends la kat individu kalau baca soklan2 yang keluar tadi...tapikan, sebenarnye soalan tadi senang TAPI aku ni sebok dok hafal vaccine segala jenis vaccinela,epidemiology of communicable diseases la,yang critical2 nak hapal tu....senak otak, nak tido pon bleh mimpi fail commed,adeh..but tadi keluar soklan yang kl baca kol 5 pagi tadi pon boleh jawab la...tension plak!adeh...aku rasela maybe dorang2 ni niat hati nak tolong student score commed bagi soklan senang serta mudah, role of ASHA, anganwadi....nak bagi markah free2 la kan cam tu....tapi berpeluh gak dok nak igt ASHA ngan Anganwadi ni..dah la dua2 keluar short essay ok........ketabahan aina nadia...

owh..owh..jangan mematikan mood merdeka ini..sehari je bleh celeb!haha..moga2 semua lulus dan cemerlang belaka!aamin!!!

next paper is ent n opthal...ya allah mintak2 segala2 dipermudahkan....mahu bercuti dengan tenang dan mewah..pelessssssssss

Saturday, March 12, 2011


good news is aku boleh masuk final for all the subjects..commed , ent and opthal...bad news is im so not ready for final...sheeeaaaazzz!


berbekalkan carry mark yang just lepas2 paras hidung ni, i promise i'll try my most best effort ever to pass all the subjects....pass je ok..tgk ni ciri2 doctor yang tak bercita2 tinggi...and this commed subject is killing me!!boring gile ok..

enough mengomel, for now till next friday(hari merdeka ok, paper theory habes) im just gonna pretend that im actually studying now so that i can enjoy my holiday at malaysia sepuas2nyer..

plus, i really have to pass this phase so duit2 jualan saree last time i send home konon2 prepare duit for supplement boleh di joli sepuas hati....:))


back to "kusut" mood

Monday, March 7, 2011

status not known

Final MBBS third phase is coming so damn fast...i'm pretty concerned here..

first i got to clear the subjects but before that...i got to be able to appear for the final examination!!oh my dearmost dean...please let me take the subjects...tho my attendance sucks!hisssshh!! and i will only know till this thursday...scary!!so for now just study!!!especially commed and OPTHAL!sheezzzzz!

i've learnt 2 things here

  1. first you need that 75% attendance to APPEAR for the examination
  2. secondly, you need to study, RELATED knowledge to pass the subject :P
so till the result came this thursday...bubbye!

Monday, January 17, 2011


really can't get this song out from my head


i gotta pocket gotta pocket of sunshine~~~

ni semua salah easy A

Saturday, January 15, 2011

second PORK time..heh

ok now aku dah nyesal plak tak tanye pasal beef steak tu..cess..

kalau betullah pemerhatian aku tu maksudnye dah 2 kalilah aku mkn berulam PORK ni....aku igt lagi first masa first time dtg kat sini(IMS)...flight aku transit kat BOMBAY, so mase time domestic transfer to bangalore tu dorang serve la breakfast..comfirm2la amek non-veg meal...ingat lagi cik F pengiring IMS mase tu jawab mase budak2 ni tanye boleh makan ke makanan dalam flight tu nanti, die jawab.."kalau lambang macam PAS kaler hijau tu semua boleh makan, kalau lambang PAS kaler merah tu maksudnye ade telur dalam meal tu"...."oooooooooo ", panjang jawab budak2 yang kena transit ni..macam haram kann..bulat2 kena tipu..:P

so ditakdirkanlah, inflight breakfast pagi tu omelet with ham...TELUR kan..warne lambang pas merah laaa!!ramaila melantak..

then setelah selesai semua ada la dua tiga org kat belakang seat aku ni dok tanye kat pramugari tu, ham ape tadi(owh dorang ni tak makan tau..(kau tgk orang beriman macam mane boleh rasa semua ni..)...lame gak nak digest dorang cakap ape baru sampai India..and dgr2 sebenarnye tu pork ham...haha!!owh aku gelak bukan sebab aku suke makan pork sebab mmg aku dah rasa lain benda tu tak sedap langsung...aku makan 2 sudu je ok pastu ade mamat sebelah seat aku nih tengah pelahap, offer nak habeskan...die iyalah H...mamat sebelah mamat H plak tak nak mkn langsung, tu pon die offer nak habeskan gak..die punye lagi??haha owh mase ni tak tanye lagi la..

sampai sudah benda ni atas angin je...aku pon lupe sape 3 orang belakang seat aku hari sesiapa yang termakan hari itu(3 years back) andainye that was pork ham omelet, dah tak sempat buat gastic lavage dah..


conclusion: kalau tak tahu tanye..kalau curiga tak yah makan (pesallah aku bimbo sangat tak tanye kan..dem)

aku yang curiga

Hari ni penat macam haram ok..posting pagi sabtu memang tak best....kalau tak disebabkan OPTHAL posting lame dah aku sambung tido pagi tadi...adeh!!

owh sebenarnya nak cerita sejak Mantri mall dah dibuka dekat2 dengan tempat aku ni, rasa takot je nak keluar sane..dah ladekat naik moto pon rs100 pegi balik pon gerak separuh jer..pastu kalau dah ronda2 kat sane tu mestila byk terbeli nak nak sekarang ni sales everywhere kot..naseb MG and Brigade road jauh...fuuhh..selamat duit aku!!

kat Mantri ni yang for sure borong sakan kat SPAR la kan..mknn mmg byk...kau tahan je la harga die..and last week aku gi la beli beef steak kat situ gak..sebelum ni tak berani beli sebab kat situ gak ade ham jual skali..tapi bile semua kate halal aku pon nak try la..

ok perasaan ni jarang2 la berlaku kat aku eh..sebab aku selalunye malas nak pikir..owh jap tak cerita masalah lagi..sebenarnye gini..SPAR punye meat section tu memang tempting abes kot..macam kat tesco gitu..tunjuk2 jer..kes ni berlaku bile aku nak beli daging steak ni la..tahula mmg halal tapi mase aku order tu kan dorang ni guna glove yang same je handle ham and daging tu..tu aku ckp jarang eh hati aku berdetik2 begini..nak2 mmg kebetulan before tu ade 2 pakcik ni beli ham kat situ...comfirmla pork hamkan..aku siap psyco tanye pakcik tu beli ham ape..

namun aku teros kan gak beli beef steak tu,berusaha meyakinkan diri..7 keping siap...memang tender la daging die..masak pon tak lame ok..tak yah nak rebus2 gitu..nanges makan..tapi la kan selalunye la kalau benda2 yang sedap tender gini aku kan ade tendency nak beli lagi tapi tak la pasal aku dah nampak dan berasa sedikit curiga......lainla kalau aku tak nampak, memang malas aku nak pikir pisau dan glove ni...cube korang gi tau aku mcm mane kes aku nih..*dah mkn baru ko nak tanye kan...*

diriku yang curiga...(jarang ok perasaan ni berlaku kat aku..):P

Friday, January 7, 2011

kadar penjimatan kental

Memandangkan dah masuk tahun baru, banyaklahhhhHHH resolusi2 serta wishlist2 baru...

oh before that, HAPPY NEW YEAR alls!!

so this year resolution, i just wish myself to be happier than last year, last year was great, really!! and this year i'll start my life with paying supplementary papers for 3rd phase subjects..wakaka!!..great way to celebrate your life as you become older..heee!sape suroh ponteng!!!!

tapi takpe...kemudahan serta bakat terpendam..ehh silap..bakat semulajadi penjual saree!!my ENT money is already ready to be donated to FUTURE MSU PROSPERITY AND STUDENT LUXURIOUS CAMPUS.. OPTHAL, pama belanja, sape suro aku balik malaysia time posting opthal *alasan* sile berniaga saree ok kl sesape yang tak berbakat masak nasi lemak tu..haha...

next...i wish to have

  1. the SLR..seriously..tho i know, i'll be seasonal addiction for me *and membazir jerrr* nanti..durr
  2. next Euro trip!!it's already planned but the problem is now..we'll be going there in JULY ...and it's not holiday that time...*sejak bile kesah ehh??:p...and dengar cerita supplementary exam will be done around that time...adeh..but nak Euro trip!!sekian~~
  3. macbook air?boleh?
  4. nak kurus...boleh masuk kat sini tak..hahaha *berangan!!
  5. etcs..:)
okla malas plak nak pikir..till next time which i also don't know when..heh

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