Saturday, December 11, 2010

After sometimes

fuhh..dah lame tak update blog ni....bukan tak de idea but just selalu lupe password!!bangang tak??dah save banyak kali pon still kena recover from email balik!teros mati mood nak berblog....hehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Neway, nothing's new pon except my veryyy boring life !it's getting winter now, so the weather here is quite chilly milly and sometimes it can give you chill&rigor at the same time!hahah!i hope i'm not gonna fall sick this winter bcoz if i do, i'll get my asthma back!seriously!!asthma means==weight gain!sebab memang akan tak larat jerr my mum advice me to put off some weights before it's getting real winter..but masalahnyerrr...winter makes us feel hungry and hungry everytime!what to do??*alasan*haha..

oh exam is 2 months away..i guess i better start reading now otherwise i gotta think back my vacation this april and july!i've been saving alot this 4 month!3 actually, last month i bought ipod touch for me...impulse buying actually!but i really love it!

ok enough for now, will update later

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