Friday, February 27, 2009


..... i'm in a real need of internet rite now...owh..owh..please...since i moving in to my 'mewah' house, we had settled all the things..girlish-ever sofa,tv besar gile, washing machine sebijik cam kat sadhana,frigde , meja airtel internet this month i'll definitely get all the transfer things done!!!cant survivi 'nemore.. baby-boo nyer birthday is coming up....damn i have no idea what to give to him....wallet,dinner,my cooks, belt dah penah bagi....

here are some suggestion from my friends.....
  • since fareed nak beli moto..ape kate support separuh....(hmm..kalau kata nak support mmg boleh..tapi,dwetnye mane sayang oiii) -GEE
  • fareed suke main game....n why not you buy new desktop to him....(mmg costly idea GEE ni)-GEE
  • pe kate beli sweater ker...hmm?-BAZ
  • beli beg yang mantap2...(beg ape eh yang mantap2 tu?)-FADHI
  • kasut bola, sneakers...FADHI
  • jeans...tapi ko kena wat2 fareed try kat kedai tu..nak tgk sesuai x die pakai...-AIDA
  • wat makan2 sudah...dinner ke..-TENGKU FARAH
  • T-shirt couple..(bkn sesuai bagi mase anni ke tue???)-AIDA


actually i have something in mind,

i'll tell ya later k.....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

LOVE made me ME...[V] special

LOVE to me is not just simply by words...saying i love you ever,now and forever... but how i'm able to take those words into something subjective and meaningful, to my partner of course....into my daily for me i really realized by the word LOVE also has made me into a new person...same person but new inside and indirectly friends always say when somebody LOVES you, he should loves me as what i am..which is pretty true tho..but deep inside, which girlfriend in the world don't want to look good,beautiful, smart, to her guy rite??same goes with me...since i involve in my new love here i always want to look good as i can...and i really don't mind changing something in me which is also for the good of me...hahaha....

First my LOVE has made me work out so much and control my big feeding habits so then by now i already lost more than 10kg..that is not include severe diarrhea i got few weeks back... haha..impressive kan..

nd, for your info..i really like to see many indian women legs..
yup! i skodeng them..hahaha..i don't know whether you notice they has damn sexy skinny legs...most of them... especially when they wear kurta with legging-like pants...comey i dream to have one like that since my baby give me so much support and he would really love to see me in those pair of legs also, guess i'm gonna work on it..i do really want to have one...

There are so many other things i lack last time i had now...happiness much happy i am now...

when it's time for touching down....sign2...

Place:Giza pyramids
Poser:me and seRgiO
Prob:unta sengal ni....

nice post while camel try to stand...BIG SMILE..

finally up!..still smiling!!!

it's time for touch down...the most natural,unfake,funny-most post ever taken!!*

finally touched!!

*sorry la guys, this pic cam lucah sket..but it was natural...sign2

**thanks baby for the ride!scary but i love it! hais...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


yess madam ,i will come tomorrow...HUNDRED PERCENT!! this time i will come....

tv cabel fixer,takes 2 weeks to give 1 piece tv wire and a box>

ok mem, tomorrow i'll send my man to your apartment straightaway transfer your internet line... i call you don't worry..

super stupid internet fixer,transfer pon susah ke?!!
till now he or his so called "man" didn't turned up!!...even once!>

give me rs300 mem, i asked for double meter right??...i'll go with empty auto.. police rules say have to pay double meter after said gokula this is not gokula...

the most bastardpeopleintheworld-auto man!!,who knows maths more than meter that time 120 so double means 240 rite???this stupid auto man ask for 300!!bangang kan!!!,who knows our place than us!! and claim we said wrong address..ask extra pay again!!,and made rules which police didn't even know...extra pay again!!!>

i am totally sick of this!!!

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