Monday, December 7, 2009

not as lucky as I always..:(

today i want to tell you some sad stories lately happene
d to me..


i lost my cyber short T70 touchscreen camera..yup that black one!!

it was pretty sad thing and i can't help myself from bursting after i realize that i' ve lost happened at manipal last two days back when the lagenda n food fest things are rolling...i myself realize at the first place to put xtra caution about things we fact i always "kepit" my bag all the time till that 15 minutes unlucky moment...when we are busy eating which i less cautious 'bout my bag. . .owh with that also my purse with ic,bank card , ims id card and insurance card are also gone..:( luckily my new phone n ipod are not "taken"...)

actually,i have tendency to be careless in taking care my stuffs, but i always lucky..that cam for instance, was nearly lost at goa,my fault actually carelessly left it at one of the busy shop at goa. i just realized it after 40 mins we left that shop..and when i hurry back to that shop,it was there untouched!and that wasn't first time! even to my purse, phones and keys..

careless me but lucky me..however, yesterday, i myself can feel a very unlucky me(even before searching) not like how i feel when i misplaced my things before. And i feel damn bad this time coz i've took XTRA caution of that camera not like carelessly as before, but nothing can be done when it is written there..
i just redha..

#tq to MSA people n friends who help me finding the camera n my pursue..tq k!

somewhen this month

Blacky n Baby fall from our balconi to basement..mind you my house is in third floor ok...
so you can imagine how bad it can be...

As for Blacky, he got complete femur fracture and he's recovering well now after however, got some celebral hemorhage and internal organ damage...we suspect the kidneys or bladder are affected coz she got hematuria..but they are all fine now...:)

here are some pics of blacky's and as for baby we didn't have opportunity to take her photo when she got i.v fluid :)just imagine how cat got i.v fluid..:P

complete femur fracture

proses masukkan besi kat kaki blacky

dilalikan and kaki dicukur for operation

bapa yang tenang menunggu anak sedang dibedah

blacky selepas operation


Saturday, September 5, 2009

diriku yang tak tenang

Tiba-tiba rasa nak update blog...
eXam II IA ni betol2 buat aku tak tenang la,
sebabnyer byk tak sempat nak cover...
...seperti biasala...
and forensic medicine pon tak sentuh lagi...
memang tak tenang...
tambah2 lagi rasa nak balik yang kian membuak2 ni..
maklumlah dah SETAHUN tak balik...

.......aku ingin pulang...~~~

Monday, July 20, 2009

tak perlulah kot

Sometimes we tend to judge things by its appearance kan...first impression cam gitew....contohnyer judge behavior thru someone's face before knowing them...

but it doesn't always true!
and i've seen many~~~~
and lately even many been seen..

my mistake actually EARLY judging people by its cover..

but what if i tot this person is muke terbaek~~~ and kalau digosip mesti orang akan kate "weh, ko buat dosa kering je fitnah budak ni contohnyer",and act same way at public, but only those who close to them knows better...which i before don't believe it too...

oklah, my point here is , fake it with others not with me and maybe the other one and especially me...because i started to puke whenever you make me into your act..trimas....

#baz tak elok demam lagi said viral fever...macam ular sawa jer tido kat bilik...H1N1 kot..:0

Saturday, July 18, 2009


sekian trimas.....

dream of my best fren

it's been sometimes i didn't update my blog...kind of bz with everything and all~

actually i just woke up from a dream..dream of my best fren which we never talking each other for quite sometimes due to some reasons...kind of missing it actually...

kla tu jer nak sambung mimpi blik..bla...bla...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mid nite launch- new website!

guess many has heard or being informed about My new B?

here we go..

introducing ...

cut in short, this is our business website...:0!! yeah im serious, go have a look!

but before that, a little bit about this business based website,

  • me, only the co-seller.
  • fareed is the manager and also seller.
  • supplier from our family at malaysia.
  • aween and me will become model for certain product..(jimat kos).
  • we work by demand and availability.
why joyahonline ? hmmm..we think it sexy..hakhak..actually we have no idea what to name this this is catchy name isn't it?

about the pricing, you just convert in RM, and compare it..we get this items at low price, then we bring it low to you too..

opps!only ladies items are available this time..but we do need some suggestion from man too!

i just uploaded some pieces of items...go have a look and hopefully this website may help you!!

but there are just keep updated!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

almost a millionaire...

nak jadikan ceritanyer....

Pagi tadi aku ngan fareed pegilah pasar Yeshampur...sesampainyer disana kiteorang decide nak beli ikan dulu pastu ayam pastu daging pastu baru kiteorang pon beli ikan kembung dan sotong kat salah satu kedai tu..lepas je bayar sume kiteorang mintaklah plastik putih yang ade ikan2 tu...pastu pegi bertolak pegi beli ayam dan daging plak....selesai je beli semua, on the way nak gi kat motor tu, ade mamat2 india ni ngan muke cuak2 kerumun kiteorang berdua yang sarat barat ngan barangan pasar ni?

mamat ikan:mam, we gave you different cover bag..

me:owh..ok take this...aku pon bagi ngan tak de masalahnyer...tengah sarat and nak balik cepat..

mamat ikan:(berpeluh2 mamat ni check plastik ikan kiteorang)..not this have another plastik cover??

me:i have what like 6 bags here??! i gave the other one..warne putih gak plastik tu..

mamat ikan:(muke lega gile) sorry mam actually we gave you not fish but our money..then he show us the content of that white plastic cover...penuh dengan dwet Rs500 kot!!!satu plastik tu ok!!

and im totally shock!but one thing we finally regret...

we should go back hurry after beli ikan!!!!

ciss all bayangkan kalau kalau all are Rs 500 notes..ade selai dua la Rs 100 ...mau 30000 kot kan..hahaha....

then, we just go back tersenyum-senyum...why?haha..we almost a millionare kot..hahak!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

tak de keje..

cut in short i hmmm....some kind abandoning my blog lately...heeee...actually im working on something which i'll share with you later k...

so today we'll talk about my new "idaman hati yang bakal menghabiskan dwetku"!

Lg arena

Apple iphone 3G

LG cookie


atas skali paling mahal and cookie tu murah je..tapi tak 3G and banyak lagi kekurangannyer....

lalala..*tak de keje*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

bile perkataan STUPID dah keluar....

cam ni ceritanyer...

last week *after balik Goa*, my room's fan suddenly stop till today....maybe sebab kena panah petir mase hujan lebat hari i callled up the he said he'll come tomorrow and as usual he didn't call him again and after several calling made he finally came and took out my fan from the ceiling and he say "i'll get it fixed and ready by the next day"...truely knowing their "tomorrow" i assume he'll come on saturday *2 days after his tomorrow*...but he didn't come again this time...

so what i can do is just keep calling him again and again and that much also i got his "10 minutes,half an hour and tomorrow"..which made me becoming panas and panas and panas!!!

yesterday,on monday which already 1 week,i called him again but this time he just don't answer my call and shut his phone off...later i call him on balik plak....mamang beyond my limit ni..

then, i just text him...

"hey you!
when you want to come and fix my fan!
just give the fan back to me and i'll find a new good electrician to fix it!
come today and just don't keep running away !
and keep giving me such STUPID promises!!!"

that was my final act...expecting nothing will happen..but surprisingly he came after one hour and fix my fan.

moralnyer pikir sendiri lah really depands on tahap kesabaran dan tahap kemanusian korang..kalau tak marah dan bertegas memang tak gerak kot kan!kalau marah2 memang lah cepat tua kite sume ni...ntah merepek ape ntah ni...bubye!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

cat lung infection symptoms

since now many people of us decided to keep cat as pet, especially my batch now,here some symptoms which you should be alert of okey...:)

i may don't know what the disease called but the symptoms are clear in all case of RS disease;

  • bile kucing mule bersin2 dan batuk2
  • bile hidung kucing mula berair cam selsema
  • bile kucing mule bernafas pakai mulut dan tercungap2
  • bile ribs die nampak prominent atas dan ke bawah
  • finally, die akan keluarkan bunyi pelik2...stridor or whistling tu...
sometimes we might mistakenly thought he'd got choke or something in his throat but keep in mind if the cats choke he won't drink, eat or play.but in RS infection is otherwise.

and one more thing, vet terdekat adalah kat matikhere.betol2 depan Bank Canara tu...

here are some contacts which may help you someday:

Gokul pet clinic, matikhere

24 hours CUPA animal clinic,
dr. joseph

these are all friendly vets and if you have any kind of doubt, such:

  • kucing tak mau makanla
  • kucing cirit birit berdarah ke
  • kucing selsema teruk ke etc
just give a call to them and he'll assist you on what to do...

till then k...bubye!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

poor blacky poor

Guess everyone knows my babies kitten named blacky and tiger...but tonite i just want to talk about my poor kitty blacky..

it's 1.30 am and im actually i just came back from *something* railway station road...about 1 km from Mekhri circle...there's 24 hours animal was kind of emergency last night....blacky is having difficulty in breathing and was kind of sad to see him struggling in every single be exact he was kind of having deep pain breathing..i can see the ribs are forced to move up and down in every single breathing....and such whistling sound, make my tears rolled over....

yesterday it wasn't severe or chronic like first i thought he got choked or there's something is in his i'd called up doctors and he said to come on monday morning but when things get worsen last night and i can't wait anymore to see his struggling and hearing that and fareed decided to bring it to the's animal clinic anyway....

nak pegi clinic tu satu lagi hal....ngan tak tau jalan lagi, nak cari landmark yang ntah ape2 ntah...ngan bumpy roads all along the way...bayang kan betapa saratnyer motor bile nek 2 orang tambah satu vet cage tu...memang bontot kiteorang ni sipi2 je terletaknyer...:P...

memang mencabar fizikal dan minda...disebabkan jalan yang bumpy gile2 tu, accidently fareed nyer spek terjatuh dari motor dan lesap ke mane ntah..tak jumpe dah lepas tu bile kiteorang cari balik..

thank god ade satu mamat ni rumah die dekat dengan animal clinic tu...die yang tunjukkan kat mane tempat tu...nun hujung kampung sane tu...macam slum pon ade gak tempat tu...walking distance konon!!!

so, as soon as the doctor seen blacky with his exertion on breathing tu, he get mad of me "why so ignorant" tak bawa gi klinik awal2..and there my guilty comes!i just hoping nothing serious at this time....

he said blacky has severe lung infection and it becoming worst now...he even struggling to take a single he gave 2 injections, one at blacky's thigh i.m and one more kat kulit tengkuk die s.c ...and he prescribed few medications...he said that's the best he can do and we just wait and see later...scary kan...

me and fareed brought about 2000 rs...dengan keadaan blacky memang kiteorang expect atleast 1000rs kot kena bawa, but surprisingly we were asked only 100rs...for the injections,treatment and medications....

my point here is have we ever care before this if your pet getting sick?what disease???it severity?lung infection???pernah dengar ke??

hello ,i don't know about you guys but atleast me i never care before...apetah lagi nak bawa pergi jumpe vet and give medications...but now i really care...sakit sket je dah risau...and now, after the injection blacky da boleh tido, bernafas pon dah tak berbunyi sangat..and to the most im worrying about is if it infectious??to tiger and baby adik(kucing baz) and to us too...human being....and what else can you expect??it is RS disease is infectious like in human i just lock him at least for few days and asingkan pinggang makanan.....kesian??for better it must be done kan...and tomorow i'll bring tiger for check up if he get infected...

till then...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sekali lagi aku dalam dilema!


ko dah lah pemalas
dah la tak study langsung, result pon hampes jer...
memang muke dah kena cop dah kot!!
tu pon ko tak ingat ingat lagi attendance ko tu paras hidop dan mati je...
tu pon nak ponteng lagi ke ..?

actually ni ditujukan kat diri sendiri sebab dah rasa malas nak pegi posting esok...
sumpah malas...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

should we always tell the truth?

logically we should tell the truth nothing else but the truth kan....but have you ever encounter some day in your life where telling truth comes in second?.....and lie better take's either not to disappoint someone's heart or better to discover themselves....and sometimes truth just left hanged without people knowing it..that's is secret....

i wonder what is actually truth and how far truth can play their role?....


Since everyone has commented about my "so-flat" tummy especially the latest pic taken at Goa and my baby boo pon dah call me Gemok i take this challenge to lose another 5kg..and i really hope to reach 53-54kg by end of this month....okey kalau tak sempat awal next month keh...:P

neway here are some record of my body weight lost!

form five:54-56kg
kmb(IB) : 68-69 kg(horror giler time raksasa)
1st year ims: 65kg
before pegi Goa:56kg
after balik Goa :58kg
end of this month:? ....i really hope to reach 54....segan plak nak janji begini..hoho

so mengikut statistics ni memang la badan ku ni kembang kempis je kan....tapi selalunyer kembang je la kan..

so tak nak janji lebeh lebeh...just tunggu dan lihat je lah kan...hohoho!

so some really gonna works diet habit!!

  • first and foremost...jangan makan nasi..LANGSUNG!try seminggu je cukuplah untuk tengok kesannye..but it doesn't mean melantak makan pizza, pasta, roti atau sebagainyer sebagai ganti plak..atleast take more "lauk" like sayur and fishes...
  • or try puasa...sure berkesan gak...tapi boleh jadi tak berkesan sebab melantak berbuka puasa lak kan...
  • next tak boleh nak buat ape kena bersenam gak..atleast jalan2 kat sadhana tu...kasi peluh je...
tips lain2 tak tau lah..but i did this and it really works..!til then...mwahhhh!

Monday, May 4, 2009

i'm back with new tempe skin...haha

I just came back from was really enjoyable time!!

so here are something to share about our weekends in Goa...

There are 6 of us going there by qualis car....ala kereta cam mix jeep and tempo titi tu....all girls,me, aween, ira, baz, nadia and basically Goa is really hot!!! and it's already end of season(peek season month sept-feb) so tak berape ramai mat salehla...we arrived there on friday about 12 noon....memang berpeluh-peluh sebab kereta kiteorang tak de AC.....after check in we'all terus sewa scooter for only rs 200 per deposit no id needed...and surprisingly we don't have to wear helmet pon!and since only 2 from 6 of us yang pandai bawa motor, so got to go for triple seater which is not allowed we've been fined for rs100 for me still murah kot!and the police there give us one permit to carry 3 person for next 24 hours..amazing kan...tapi kena buat muke kesian sket la.....

ni la scooter yang kiteorang sewa- Honda Dio and Activa

ni plak the only people yang reti bawa motor

so we go triple ride...sendat nih!

first day dah kena saman...haha...sekali lagi polis india ni tertipu dengan my malaysian driving lisence...untung-untung!

next day(saturday), we all go Baga beach and play water was a combo or 4 games;parasailing,banana boat riding, bumper boat and jet sky riding, which cost us rs 500 tapi sekejap sangat tak puas....and day after main banana boat sailing to we all semua tak leh gerakkan leher sebab tercampak jauh dari banana boat tu...giler scary!

suasana pagi kat Colangute Beach

-erm...sorry no pics of us sebab semua tak bawa cam mase tu-

again the beach view..this one is Ambrambol Beach...

one thing i'll miss most about Goa is the foods....seafood food..imagine if you can get fresh nicely cooked seafood meals at very reasonable kot!....imagine seafood platter die only at rs 275 and full of all kind 0f seafood from ikan to ketam to udang to kepah to sotong....hmmmm yummy!
i love it!!

ni lah seafood platter yang dikatakan tu...teringin plak lagi!

views?well, it was a very breezy, windy but yet hot....semua yang pegi ni dah sun burn gile-gile dah..macam tempe-tempe Goa jer rasenyer...pakai sunblock pon serupa tak pakai jer..

muke-muke yang dah sun tanned(sun burn pon ader)
tempe2 Goa: me, ira, aween, nadia, ninot, baz (amek gambar)

cam gini lah kiteorang berpakaian ..kegadis-gadisan pada petang dan malam hari..

finally on last day, we all decided to have a motor boat ride to see the wild dolphins which cost us another rs 150 each...memang dolphins tu wild pon tak jinak....mahal but berbaloi sebab kat tengah-tengah laut tu kiteorang dicampak dalam laut dan ditinggalkan cam tu je...nasib tak ade jerung ke kan...

after all;

  • Goa best gile especially if go among girls only...:)
  • all of us exceed our target budget rs 5000....basically we all habis dalam rs 6000-6500 including rooms,transport, makan and shopping sket2..
  • Goa best pegi mase month of sept-march...sebab ramai mat and mak saleh..huhu
  • Goan seafoods memang best!
  • best about Goa: the beaches, beach activities, seafoods!!, baju and seluar cetak rompak yang murah2, warm Goan people, and night activities along the beach....
  • something we missed :( : Goan saturday night market and melawat museum and temple ..hahaha
actually a lot more to tell but guess what?

the best way is to discover yourself right?

.....and to girls yang runsing about safety to travel among girls,it's true there's danger but if you can make sure you'll be together all the time, and put extra suspicion on every strangers you'll be safe!believe me...

till then bubye!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

im in total holiday mood!

tak sabar sungguh!cepatlah khamis ni....

Monday, April 27, 2009

panasnyer bangalore kini!

hari ni sangat panas serupa dengan hari-hari sebelumnyer..
dah mandi banyak-banyak kali pon tak sejuk-sejuk lagi
malam pon panas...skarang cuaca kat bangalore betul-betul dah tak menentu....kejap panas giler..malam ribut petir plak...panas balik esoknyer....winter tahun ni pon tak sesejuk tahun lepas...sekejap jer. plak tu...

dengar ade orang beli air cooler teringin plak nak beli...
okeylah tak de pape pon nak share malam ni...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

ramalan kepontengan

mengikut ramalan kepontengan , esok tak gi kelas sebab tak terbangun pagi atau malas nak bangun pagi...sekian

Thursday, April 23, 2009

can't wait till tomorrow!

it's my pharmac practical is just so annoying cause i have to take it tomorrow...
just wanna let it be done...
care no more!

cepat lah esok!hari ni esok pon tak pe...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Every people has different thoughts about and being loved....and i do respect all of for me...some say,we shouldn't love others more than us but there's, course, in our life line we tend to forget really depends isn't it?

well, as for me....the first ever one i love of course the one who create me, my religious, and my only messenger....syukur i was born as muslim. i can't imagine if i was born in other religion....pemabuk ke aku nanti, gangster ke..pencuri ke...yes, im not so religious like some people here, but who are you to justify that you are better than me and others kan...yup, i am lack in many things due to my ignorence , lalai and so all....but deep inside me i know my border, and i know my mistakes....each of them...and i work hard on it to improve myself too.And talking about this, i really hate someone who are religious ,as they claimed, selalu pandang serong orang2 yang doesn't look like them, doesn't have same thoughts like them, to me...if you wanna give advice of any kind, it really doesn't matter. In fact, you are just so much pleased to do that, but please put it in the right words, not harsh words!just like put yourself in the others shoes?!

next, i really love my parents so much!!!sayang sangat2 sampaikan i can cry like i was just broke up or kena rompak or something....hehe...i feel so much sinful, when i reminisce my past, during my younger age, how rebellious i am.I don't know about you guys but me, i was once in my thought want to run away from my house and family...just to be with my friends and freedom...seriously...i always think ,that time, how lucky are my friends having such a care-nothing parents about their kids life and school exam, tengok wayang ramai2 pon tak marah..but now, at age 21 i realised how lucky i am and how far they've made me...MBBS?become a doctor one day?....alot of thanks to my parents...

next, is myself....well, this part nothing so much to talk is just me...something about me....i am someone who doesn't talk much and when in not-right-environment i even talk less....but i am gile2 than you if you know me...and i have tendency to favor people..especially who's nye-nye know...baz know this because she hates this type too...haha...i love cooking but muuch2 love eating someones cooking too.....and i used not to eat nasi *for diet purpose* but now im a rice regular....dah tak sanggup dah...but it works you know..try for the whole week not eating nasi...u'll make really big difference!

next of course my baby boo!my sergio ramos....well, tho he came to the fourth in my list...i really most of the time love him more than myself...tho aween and some other girlfriends always says that "we(girls) should love ourself than our baby boo, because if one day something happened to the relationship,we'll get hurt so much!" is so true but i really can't help this....just like in my past relationship....when it ends, full of misery!but that's me....typical women...try so hard to make our man happy, even have to sacrifice so much, so please gentlements appreciate us!but never ever a regret to me!That is why when someone started to say something about my or other people relationship...i was just like to say to these people, who the hell are you know better than them about their relationship?have you ever being loved?if not, get yourself loved first!eventually, you'll understand it because you might see yourself there...if yes, let them solve a relationship, fights and arguments are common,to me that is how you know your patner best!well, actually the deeper you're in a relationship...the better you'll know his/her bad side, their weakness which sometimes may clashes with no body perfect right?so wonderful isn't it....and it comes in package right, relationship and commitment, if relationship without commitment that's rubbish!that's flirting....huh..huh...membara....

next are all my besties..including my know yourself k....rindoo nak balik malaysia bile pikir2 pasal i said before and always the most unforgetful friends are high school friends....rapat sangat sampai kalau sorang sedih sume akan sedih gak...rindu kamu!At here, most of my problems and crisis i always share with aween...she always be there when i have something...we share "a lot" too...tak gitu aween?!I found that my ex housemates also being such a good friends of mine..walaupon masing2 tak tinggal serumah dahkan..hehe :)....and my new housemates are great too..especially baz gile ni...kalau die tak de mati kebosanan la gak...i remember during first year, me and my housemates(housemates lame), amy and izi pegi mysoore dulu2...pegi girls jer....setiap tempat tu, mesti kiteorang ngorat mamat2 india ni..amek gambar same2la...paling galak sekali ila ngan amy la...hehe...sorry ila, amy saya tulih pasal awk kat sini..hehe..

next are my pets, 2 ekor kura2 and 2 ekor kucing..tapi hari tu dah cite pasal dorang ni, my blog..walaupon tak selalu sangat update...but, it is a great things to do kan kalau banyak mase tak tau nak gune tuk ape..hehe...owh!i should include MALAYSIA too..but now, dah tak homesick dah...dan banyak lagilah kalau nak include sume yang bernyawa dan tak bernyawa....till then..bubye!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My mess!

Before exam...

after first paper..patology....

after forensic medicine paper...... eyesore!

My new babies!


Like i told you in my last previous entry....i bought 2 cats...kitten!they are still babies when we bring them home....umur baru sebulan setengah dah kena amek dari mak die and kena kurung kat kedai tu yang dah tentu2 la tak dijaga dengan betol...

.......Actually i was looking kitten like a cute one..yang ade stoking and quite furry...but there left me no choice!i was like to give up because at that time sume kucing2 biasa yang kurus sangat...sumpah kesian sangat..ade cage yang die kurung those babies macam nak mati dah....

But then suddenly, there at 4 kittens, merely baby,yang comey ni..baik jer muke....tak bising2 pon cam the other cats,gemok and berisi gak..tho they are not furry enough, but i like them..out of 4 we decided to choose only pair la kan...jantan and are they...

okey yang pandai posing and manje ni name die jer tiger tapi die ni baik jer...manje!tido tak boleh bising atau alihkan die.....

die ni walaupon demikian suke tido atas katil and bile dialihkan akan panjat balik katil sampailah kite give up..

yang muke comot dan garang gile ni plak name die choco bownie aka blacky..tapi name melayu die cik mot jer...die ni sangat gelap dan legam (walaupon warne die dark brown actually) sampai kadang-kadang nak terpijak sebab ingat die karpet...

haa!tgk gambar ni..nampak tak blacky kat carpet bukan gambar edit tau...mata die pon tak nampak..ramailah yang melawat nak terpijak die ni....tapi die ni ade satu kebolehan luar biasa yang semua kucing tak boleh buat...pandai kerut dahi..betol!tak caya datang la tengok...ramai dah tergoda ngan die ni walaupon die ni comot gile...

die ni sumpah garang cam typical kucing2 kat india ni.. freaking gile!kalau bergurau tu memang calar balar la...oh ye...yang bende putih kat kepala die tu double sided tape..baz, mak angkat kucing ni yang letak..tak tau aper purpose die ..accessory katenye..

and saat paling tenang and aman adalah mase dorang tido...kalau tak bising and tak jadi buat kerje la nampaknyer...tak nampakkan muke blacky..hehe

as i said before, we wanted a pair of them..jantan and betina..but, baz, fareed and some others found that they both are male..jantan trang tang tang!!padan la tak leh lekat jer...asyik bergaduh jer...

and one more thing about my babies ni die sangat lah kampung..tak reti makan makanan palet tuh...nak makan ikan rebus gak..sometimes ayam rebus or goreng...masalahnyer mama dan mama angkat die(baz) ni pon tak makan nasi hari-hari..

klah..later i'll update 'bout my first babies eh..2 ekor kure2 yang dah berumor setahun..dah besar and gemok dah!now tak boleh sebab bawah penjagaan fareed...later k.


On last 29 march was fareed's setelah berhempas pulas on what to give to him and after asking here and there, finally i decided to give him this really nice and really charismatic men Tommy Hilfiger watch....and expensive too...0,o

And thanks guys for those ideas....

Monday, April 13, 2009

PATO paper?...


skunk ni baru jer abes paper pato...baru jer jap tadi...amacam paper? haiii..ntah la soklan2 tu sume tak expect!i thought something like inflamation ker, healing ker, tumour marker ke,hmm...phagocytosis ke..soklan yang famous2la cam dalam buku past year tu...tapi tak keluar la plak...

since ni paper bertulis first and dah lame tak berkarang2an...amek mase gile nak jawab paper tadi..dah la ngan blank nyer...keliru2 lagi...haiii....tapi nak nyesal pon tak boleh....sebab dah lets look forward...esok microb!and macam biasa tak rase pon nak belajar lagi..benarlah cakap krun and lowed!malas memang tak boleh dipisahkan..

okeylah..nak gi mandikan baby2 ku sebentar...ohh..lupe nak info plak..last week me and fareed bought 2 cats..kitten!cute sangat...later i'll upload and cite pasal dorang and what mess they've made!!!!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Damn shit!

huh....kenapalah exam..

Friday, April 10, 2009

2 out of 3!

okey actually i supposed to study rite now..pharmac!

but since i woke up this morning till now..i just read the topic lists and buat-buat plan masa belajar....konon2 belajar secara terancang la kan...sayur jer la tu..hohoho...anyway...secara jujurnye tak de satu subject pon yang lengkap disentuh and in fact ade subject yang tak tersentuh lagi...exam monday ni...cuak dah terasa...tapi mood tu kadang2 ade kadang2 lesap ke mane anggapla..tulis blog ni cara nak lepas tension la kan...padahal studynyer ntah pape....

i was study kencang gak malam tadi till aween tell me 'bout something makes me thinking......

"haah yek...napelah aku tak pikir cam gitu...hoho"

gini cite nyer..since exam ni ade 4 subjects..patology, pharmacology,microbiology, and forensic medicine...and final t nak 2 jer yang best...kate aween..norman kate..

"hey, don't be nerdy!if forensic med, you can read the subject the nite before exam....well for sure atleast you'll get a pass...for the other 3..u just have to score 2 subjects and spare the the unchosen pity one..hoho...for your final carry mark..

hmmmmmmmm...interesting.....sumpah interesting...........but haruslah jangan diikuti kan...wek!

but it for sure worth for last resortkan.....*wink*.....*wink*......


Tuesday, April 7, 2009



oh semangat please datang....

aku rayu please......please.........

oh tv,oh tido (15jam),oh malas pegi...pegi.......


what i really need now is just semangat to start it....initiation mode.....

please come....hurry!

exam is just next week....




Sunday, April 5, 2009

it's been a year!

Happy Anniversary Baby!

thank you for being you and accepting me as me

love you...


i was wondering isn't the number 04 means mati?
we got 2 04....mati mati?

how about 08?
untung la plak...

it's mati mati untung la..haiyaaa!

klah..saje jer nak ngarut kat sini.....tak de keje and malas nak study ....k k..nak sambung study...

papepon to my baby boo..

happy anni k!mmuahhhx!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

soul mate

Halo - Beyonce Music Code

thanks alot to MARA!

$1470 !!

As you all know, and to those who don't know yet, let me tell you that "duet buku" and duet bulan april has been banked in today!yipppie!!!!

i know it was a long wait to get what we should deserve kan??and i also know each of us are hoping of "duet buku" so much kan??and terdengarlah macam-macam rumours pasal "duet buku" ni kan....ade yang kate "duet buku" akan masuk next year la, ade yang kate MARA tak decide lagi nak bagi ke tak, and ade gak yang kate "duet buku" tak kan masuk langsung.....well, as for me memang lah kehadiran "duet buku" ni penting sebab buku-buku banyak tak beli lagi and exam pon dah tersangat lah hampir.......poyo disitu.....

but finally,today mase nak draw duet kat atm, tiba2 duet jadi melampau banyak dalam akaun....sahlah "duet buku" ni dah masuk nih....yippie!!!!

so i would like to take this advantage to thank my beloved sponsor....MARA.....poyo lagi disitu kan...hoho...but seriously thanks! thanks alot!


okey, now lets talk 'bout wut to do with this moneh??banyak nih.....tak terhabis nak belanje....poyo lagi disitu.....haha...owh...owh...lupe nak cakap, duet bulan ni masuk ngan "duet buku" berjumlah 73k something .....73500 to be exact!..rupees la kan kalau ringgit atau dolar boleh gile plak nanti.....hoho....kalau dalam dolar 1470 usd!....alot i already have a plan of this money....first skali mesti lah nak beli buku yang blom dibeli especially buku past years untuk semua subject!wajib..hahaha..sebab tak rase pon nak baca buku lain2..hehe...secondly nak shopping and makan best2, melancong dalam india dan sebagainyer......and also i plan to adopt seekor kucing.... :) ....dah lame nak bela dah....and of course,not to forget saving gak la.......kate nak gi gold coast akhir tahun nanti....


so i wish to all friends of ims belanjelah duet2 ni wisely k....hoho...tak boleh nak cakap banyak2 sebab diri sendiri is not a good example in this...hehe

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tak bosanlah...

I finally start writing again after a long time abandoning my blog.. im not like the other of my blogger friends who's blogging from malaysiaku tercinta...ade yang blogging kat changi airportla....ade yang blogging kat rumah tak ikot parents gi picnic ke berkelahla....ade yang buat cupcakes yang toping die tak penah dibuat orang lagila dan sebagainyerla.....

.......but im here at Cresent Enclave apartment, bangalore, india...lalala...
...sebab ramai tak tau lagi ni actually saya masih tegak berdiri di sini....siap pesan suruh bawa makanan malaysia and ucap enjoy eh kat malaysia,have fun dan ade jugak yang merasa jeles sebab saya balik malaysia....

............haaiiish! korang ni tak elertla....hoho...sekali lagi saya maklumkan saya masih lagi bertapak disini, bangalore..hehe..

so since im not going back this holiday,i would like to tell you what did i do when im home....gile gersangkan?hohoho....

first sekali untuk makan segala bentok makanan belum diproses or sudah diproses di malaysia termasuklah buat-buahan...especially durian...makanan tepi jalan dan pasar malam perkara utama...tak termasuk masakan ibunda tercinta,ayah(mashed potato and french toast jer yang reti dibuat..hehe), makcik2, nenek sedara dan bukan sedara juga....maka itu haruslah berat badan berkilo2 naik bila nak datang sini semula...

and does that means if im not going back i'll lost weight or maintain my weight?

..oh tidak sama sekali ok..hahaha..

next i'll not study even bawa buku berat mane's impossible babeh!maybe i'll have a glimpse of the pages or the list that i've to study..but that's it!

and does that means if im not going back i'll study hard and not last minutes endeavor?

...tak juga sebab sekarang ni tak rasa nak belajar langsung...

and seperti ikiey tulis kat facebook status nyer dulu2...malaysia is shopping paradise...haruslah bawa banyak duet ye bile balik malaysia...itu tak termasuk kena pau ngan adik-adik serta kawan-kawan lagi....

and does that means if im not going home i'll have more moneh?

..hmm...maybe dalam bentuk aset and more money to survive here....

and paling penting to spend time with my family......which i miss most!tak boleh cakap sangat bende ni takot sedih...hahaha


what more to tell....

guess nothing else to tell....

neway tak bosan dok sini sebenarnyer...

(nampak sangat aku bosan sebenarnyer)

and my life hopefully will be change by tomorrow...

guess what????

i'll tell you later keh...kite enjoy!!(sambil mengangkat tangan ke udara dengan gediknyer!)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Had it enough....selamat bercuti semua!

What a lonely day!!

Today as always i woke up early again..masalahnyer it's's kinda weird coz when there's class or posting which i really have to attend, i always overslept plak....=p

Anyway....well i guess everyone knows many people going back to malaysia this week..honestly i have to say..MEMANG BOSAN DOK BANGALORE NIH!...Ikotkan hati memang nak balik but motor punyer pasal tak balikla nampaknyer...haiiisss!

Last nite baz, nadia and ninot gone to malaysia...i sent them tapi kat car park bawah apartment ni jerla...and i suddenly, accidentally and unintentionally tercurahkan sesudu air mata...i was kinda sad...mixed emotions actually... because this is my first time ever not going back or going somewhere during holiday time!...i really thought im gonna be okey but it wasn't last nite...hurrmm...

But im okey now.....much much was just hormonal last nite...nothing else....lalalala

Actually my life shouldn't ends like this and sume salah dwet buku...and partly my fault gak sebab beli buku byk sangat....

.....and thinking

"never mind this month dwet buku akan masuk"(bulan 10)

....i don't know when and when they'll gonna give us....or they are not giving at all??i kinda lost hope 'bout this anyway....and bulan ni im quite broke!hahahaha...byk la sebabnyer =p...

I had a dilemma about whether going back home or not this holiday last week but guess now i've made up my mind not to go back coz i really don't know whether dwet buku are going to be banked in or i don't want to suffer waiting anymore.... and i don't wanna become broke the other way!

So here i go....planning what to do here or go somewhere else....


#Start from today!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Perosak masyarakat!

Sometimes when you have a conflict with somebody to no-matter-what causes...there are sometimes or most of the times the third person...who made things irreversible...who acted like middle person, digging from both sides, then spread something which really untrue...things exaggerated, amplified and overstated!

To me ko perosak masyarakat!

my advice when two people in conflict

  1. if it's friends..let brothers or sisters solve themselves...
  2. if it's couples...jangan rosakkan rumah tangga orang...
  3. if it's's family matter!
so please stay away from other's problem and if you really want to to mendamaikan people not otherwise...and belagak so innocent which is real fake of you.....

bosan cuti ini?

i woke up early today, 4.30 am....yeah very early because it's sunday.... well i had to because yesterday i go to bed really early....830?...hahaha....

well, the semester holiday hasn't start yet but i already feel stuffed and overloaded...tak buat ape pon was just that i feel nothing here to spend my time with when it comes to holiday.....but when there's classes going on and i need to concentrate my priority to attendance and studies, i was hoping for holiday plak...haiiiii.... now it's just 4 days to the holiday and im stuck and and bored...

yesterday, i had a crave for keropok ,sergio and my housemates start searching on net manalah tau ade resepi yang diuploadkan kan...guess what?there is! the recipe called "keropok lekor perantau"

....and we just give it a try....

ni resepinyer..
"keropok lekor perantauan"


1 kg ikan kembung
400 tepung jagung (campur sket tepung tepung gandum)
garam secukup rasa
kiub ais/ air ais
air sedikit

cara membuatnyer

1.asingkan isi ikan tadi dari tulangnyer.ikan jangan direbus yer..
2.then, tumbuk or blender jer isi ikan tadi sampai lumat gitu.
3.then gaul ais kiub bersama-sama isi ikan.
4.masukkan garam.biar lebih sket sebab nanti die tawar lepas kena rebus..
5.masukkan tepung and ulilah..
6.buat bentuk panjang-panjang cam keropok lekor malaysia tu...
7.rebus keropok tu and tunggu die timbul baru angkat.
8.potong-potong and gorenglah....

#sedap makan panas-panas bersama sos buatan sendiri....camnilah review email tu tulis..haha

at first, i really thought i won't work this recipe....or if it worked pon maybe the taste isn't the same....but to tell you worked ! except kiteorangyer kurang masin sket..

so may be this "keropok lekor perantauan" ni may help those who's not going back home....tuk melepaskan gian dan rindu terhadap masakan pasar malam malaysia...hahahaha.....

It works!
rupe keropok lekor sebelum rebus

rupe keropok lekor tengah rebus

rupe keropok lekor yang tinggal nak makan!

so atleast my intense desire for malaysian food yang tercinta has come down a bit...atleastkan!

and today me and sergio are gonna work on making "apam balik perantauan" lak!!

daaa...will tell ya the result later...later!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

wanted to go home badly..

This is my first-ever-try after being here for 3 semesters....not going back home.....which is really not me at all!!!!!ramai pelik but it is true....hahaha.....i thought ..i really2 thought that time....i can refrain myself from not feeling guilty of this decision...but sadly i had and even more now....seeing and hearing my friends said that they'll going back home next week has made me feel distracted.......not annoyed but hhmmmm guilty??....ntahlah...and to the worst those going back tomorrow.

Helloooo???!that is so soon okeyyy!hahaha.....

Anyway, i've made up my mind......agaknyer cam ni lah dorang dulukan when i always choose to go home for every semester holidays.....guilty??ntahlah...but i do missing my homey, my parents so much!, my brothers and my 'lil sister, malaysian foods alotttz!,shopping2 mall kat malaysia...barangan jualan malaysia,buahan malaysia khususnyer durian, pasar malam malaysia dan sebagainyer....has made me really wanna go home!!

but i can't

....plans had been made...sudah termaktub!!haha...i promised myself to many things....first of all i''ll be having my bike as soon jer korang yang manjer banyak lemak ni balik malaysia...hehehe..and i'm saving money for new phone beloved brother is coming up had to save some so then we both had much2 fun here together like we used to at back home.....heyyy....due to all this, i had to stay.......enough reasons??.i think yeah....


Memang sunyi!...and i can imagine perasaan those who doesn't go back regularly..:p...hahahaha..... but i do really3 wonder kenapalah budak2 yang banyak duit ni tak rasa nak balik pon?padahal money to them is not a problem kan....not like me...memang istihar diri muflis kalau balik malaysia....yerla....bawa 3 ribu pon x cukupkan.....duit tiket flight x kira lagi?!! some may say my heart is here now sebab tu i'm not going home, and sebab my baby boo tak balik which isn't really true.....having him here when many people going back home is really great!i am so much much blessed......but the things is i do really miss my parents a lot!!nak ikotkan hati dah beli ticket flite.......

but i really can't....

Biarlah this holiday will be the most boring holiday ever!lepas ni tak nak saving too much...wanna have fun jer.....and become broke by end of month.....promise every month! :p.......i love live that way....:p....thank god i have second bank for saving kalau tak....tak taula....

By the way i really hope my parents will give me a visit one day....really missing you!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

she is hwatt!!

guys introducing my beloved idol of whole beauty.......


i really adore this celeb.....

name: Megan Fox
birth name: Megan Denise Fox
birth date: may 16 1986
height: 5' 6"
she is HOT kan? blink* blink* wonder people love to see her nude...

really really love this pose

afta all, she has all the beauty......

i wish can be like her.....hwattt!...harapanlahhhh...hehe

udang menari-nari dalam perut...

OMG tonite i eat a lot..A LOT!!

i just come back from Barbeque Nation, at indiranagar 100ft's actually a buffet dinner with live karaoke singers entertaining the , aween , fareed and hamid was there.usually i don't do buffet because in my thought there will be many people,overcrowding sebab population dorang ni ramai yang amat, and i don't really go for closed space dining concept.. i'll feel like suffocating...but this restaurant is quite nice...first,it has an opened space dining concept, well ventilated and the services are also well-managed...x de la bau ketiak orang ke kan..

The food tonite was just so so..not as good as last time..(hamid said this)..but it was pretty true tho...tho that, we still enjoy the nite, of course!...actually, we are quite disappointed because we were expecting crabs and lambs..luckily,the dessert was pretty good,got German cheese cake, almond pie, brownie, icecream and many more lah...and disaat2 perot dah melayut full, still we played a game, and those who lost,got to eat prawns...A LOT of prawns....rasa cam nak termuntah dah...

to me, this place is good to hang with friends, gelak besar-besar..go come in groups it will be much much fun!..and it's just so casual dining not formal..

At the end of the nite, our stomach was blotting with prawns...and mutton...finally we surrendered,can't take prawns anymore...after then,the flag was down!!

#there are pics too, but i'll upload it later..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

why we do read quran ,even if we can't understand a single arabic word?

just got this email from my old friends backhome...just to share wif you guys...nothing else...

This is a beautiful story of an Old
American Muslim lived on a farm in the
mountains of eastern Kentucky with his
young grandson. Each morning Grandpa was
up early sitting at the kitchen table
reading his Qur’an. His grandson wanted
to be just like him and tried to imitate
him in every way he could.
One day the grandson asked, "Grandpa! I
try to read the Qur’an just like you but
I don’t understand it, and what I do
understand I forget as soon as I close
the book. What good does reading the
Qur’an do?"
The Grandfather quietly turned from
putting coal in the stove and replied,
"Ta ke this coal basket down to the
river and bring me back a basket of
The boy did as he was told, but all the
water leaked out before he got back to
the house. The grandfather laughed and
said, "You’ll have to move a little
faster next time," and sent him back to
the river with the basket to try again.
This time the boy ran faster, but again
the basket was empty before he returned
home. Out of breath, he told his
grandfather that it was impossible to
carry water in a basket, and he went to
get a bucket instead. The old man said,
"I don’t want a bucket of water; I want
a basket of water. You’re just not
trying hard enough," and he went out the
door to watch the boy try again.
At this point, the boy knew it was
impossible, but he wanted to show his
grandfather that even if he ran as fast
as he could, the water would Leak out
before he got back to the house. The boy
again dipped the basket into river and
ran hard, but when he reached his
grandfather the basket was again empty.
Out of breath, he said, "See Grandpa,
it’s useless!"
"So you think it is useless?" The old
man said, "Look at the basket."
The boy looked at the basket and for the
first time realized that the basket was
different. It had been transformed from
a dirty old coal basket and was now
clean, inside and out.

"Son, that’s what happens when you read
the Qur’an. You might not understand or
remember everything, but when you read
it, you will be Changed, inside and out"

That is the work of Allah in our lives."
If you feel this email is worth reading,
please forward to your contacts/friends.
Muhammad (pbuh) says: "The one who
guides to good will be rewarded equally"

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