Wednesday, March 23, 2011

me at 24 years of life

i'm so blessed to live till all these years, so many things i've seen and learnt..syukur!

so, me at this age,

  • i'm still not done with my study...not because i had to repeat years or anything like that but memang tak habes study lagi..sometimes(most of the times) , i questioned myself why did i study medicine...dimana silapnyerrr...:PP but dah terlambat for that kan??
  • and i'm not married to anybody, yup i know back home most of my friend has gone tru this phase( thanks for the invitation cards, they're all very pretty!!) and some(most) already get pregnant..hmmm, happy for the mummies :))...i must say even after i graduated i don't see me getting married just yet, hmm..nahhh...haha, i know my mom keep telling me i'll become "andartu if i'm still single by age 28...skrang pon dah andartu pon kan....:
  • still a blob of fat, sculpted into human figure, ...lalalalalala~~
  • still can't see my future me as somebody's wife, good, loving mother ...and worst my 30s, 40s, 50s...noooooo!!!i don't want to age please,neither want to have this plastic botox faces *ugly*
so i guess the BEST way now is just to finish my MBBS, become a really good doctor, further in field of interest ( still fail to have vision on it by now :)) must get married by 28 of age (i call this age as "i'm-desperate-to-get-married-and-become-pregnant age " OR "please-propose-me-to-be-your-wife-or-i'll-propose-you-first age"...haha :PPPPP ), stop reproducing by age 32 but i wanted to have 4 to my future husband you have only 4 years to gimme 4 kids and i don't wanna get pregnant every year ( i needed good PNC here), so you better gimme a twin ok?, no matter how it takes...*desperate enough*

*berangan after habes community medicine practical*


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