Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mid nite launch- new website!

guess many has heard or being informed about My new B?

here we go..

introducing ...

cut in short, this is our business website...:0!! yeah im serious, go have a look!

but before that, a little bit about this business based website,

  • me, only the co-seller.
  • fareed is the manager and also seller.
  • supplier from our family at malaysia.
  • aween and me will become model for certain product..(jimat kos).
  • we work by demand and availability.
why joyahonline ? hmmm..we think it sexy..hakhak..actually we have no idea what to name this website..so this is catchy name isn't it?

about the pricing, you just convert in RM, and compare it..we get this items at low price, then we bring it low to you too..

opps!only ladies items are available this time..but we do need some suggestion from man too!

i just uploaded some pieces of items...go have a look and hopefully this website may help you!!

but there are more..so just keep updated!

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