Sunday, May 24, 2009

almost a millionaire...

nak jadikan ceritanyer....

Pagi tadi aku ngan fareed pegilah pasar Yeshampur...sesampainyer disana kiteorang decide nak beli ikan dulu pastu ayam pastu daging pastu baru kiteorang pon beli ikan kembung dan sotong kat salah satu kedai tu..lepas je bayar sume kiteorang mintaklah plastik putih yang ade ikan2 tu...pastu pegi bertolak pegi beli ayam dan daging plak....selesai je beli semua, on the way nak gi kat motor tu, ade mamat2 india ni ngan muke cuak2 kerumun kiteorang berdua yang sarat barat ngan barangan pasar ni?

mamat ikan:mam, we gave you different cover bag..

me:owh..ok take this...aku pon bagi ngan tak de masalahnyer...tengah sarat and nak balik cepat..

mamat ikan:(berpeluh2 mamat ni check plastik ikan kiteorang)..not this have another plastik cover??

me:i have what like 6 bags here??! i gave the other one..warne putih gak plastik tu..

mamat ikan:(muke lega gile) sorry mam actually we gave you not fish but our money..then he show us the content of that white plastic cover...penuh dengan dwet Rs500 kot!!!satu plastik tu ok!!

and im totally shock!but one thing we finally regret...

we should go back hurry after beli ikan!!!!

ciss all bayangkan kalau kalau all are Rs 500 notes..ade selai dua la Rs 100 ...mau 30000 kot kan..hahaha....

then, we just go back tersenyum-senyum...why?haha..we almost a millionare kot..hahak!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

tak de keje..

cut in short i hmmm....some kind abandoning my blog lately...heeee...actually im working on something which i'll share with you later k...

so today we'll talk about my new "idaman hati yang bakal menghabiskan dwetku"!

Lg arena

Apple iphone 3G

LG cookie


atas skali paling mahal and cookie tu murah je..tapi tak 3G and banyak lagi kekurangannyer....

lalala..*tak de keje*

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monday, May 11, 2009

bile perkataan STUPID dah keluar....

cam ni ceritanyer...

last week *after balik Goa*, my room's fan suddenly stop till today....maybe sebab kena panah petir mase hujan lebat hari i callled up the he said he'll come tomorrow and as usual he didn't call him again and after several calling made he finally came and took out my fan from the ceiling and he say "i'll get it fixed and ready by the next day"...truely knowing their "tomorrow" i assume he'll come on saturday *2 days after his tomorrow*...but he didn't come again this time...

so what i can do is just keep calling him again and again and that much also i got his "10 minutes,half an hour and tomorrow"..which made me becoming panas and panas and panas!!!

yesterday,on monday which already 1 week,i called him again but this time he just don't answer my call and shut his phone off...later i call him on balik plak....mamang beyond my limit ni..

then, i just text him...

"hey you!
when you want to come and fix my fan!
just give the fan back to me and i'll find a new good electrician to fix it!
come today and just don't keep running away !
and keep giving me such STUPID promises!!!"

that was my final act...expecting nothing will happen..but surprisingly he came after one hour and fix my fan.

moralnyer pikir sendiri lah really depands on tahap kesabaran dan tahap kemanusian korang..kalau tak marah dan bertegas memang tak gerak kot kan!kalau marah2 memang lah cepat tua kite sume ni...ntah merepek ape ntah ni...bubye!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

cat lung infection symptoms

since now many people of us decided to keep cat as pet, especially my batch now,here some symptoms which you should be alert of okey...:)

i may don't know what the disease called but the symptoms are clear in all case of RS disease;

  • bile kucing mule bersin2 dan batuk2
  • bile hidung kucing mula berair cam selsema
  • bile kucing mule bernafas pakai mulut dan tercungap2
  • bile ribs die nampak prominent atas dan ke bawah
  • finally, die akan keluarkan bunyi pelik2...stridor or whistling tu...
sometimes we might mistakenly thought he'd got choke or something in his throat but keep in mind if the cats choke he won't drink, eat or play.but in RS infection is otherwise.

and one more thing, vet terdekat adalah kat matikhere.betol2 depan Bank Canara tu...

here are some contacts which may help you someday:

Gokul pet clinic, matikhere

24 hours CUPA animal clinic,
dr. joseph

these are all friendly vets and if you have any kind of doubt, such:

  • kucing tak mau makanla
  • kucing cirit birit berdarah ke
  • kucing selsema teruk ke etc
just give a call to them and he'll assist you on what to do...

till then k...bubye!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

poor blacky poor

Guess everyone knows my babies kitten named blacky and tiger...but tonite i just want to talk about my poor kitty blacky..

it's 1.30 am and im actually i just came back from *something* railway station road...about 1 km from Mekhri circle...there's 24 hours animal was kind of emergency last night....blacky is having difficulty in breathing and was kind of sad to see him struggling in every single be exact he was kind of having deep pain breathing..i can see the ribs are forced to move up and down in every single breathing....and such whistling sound, make my tears rolled over....

yesterday it wasn't severe or chronic like first i thought he got choked or there's something is in his i'd called up doctors and he said to come on monday morning but when things get worsen last night and i can't wait anymore to see his struggling and hearing that and fareed decided to bring it to the's animal clinic anyway....

nak pegi clinic tu satu lagi hal....ngan tak tau jalan lagi, nak cari landmark yang ntah ape2 ntah...ngan bumpy roads all along the way...bayang kan betapa saratnyer motor bile nek 2 orang tambah satu vet cage tu...memang bontot kiteorang ni sipi2 je terletaknyer...:P...

memang mencabar fizikal dan minda...disebabkan jalan yang bumpy gile2 tu, accidently fareed nyer spek terjatuh dari motor dan lesap ke mane ntah..tak jumpe dah lepas tu bile kiteorang cari balik..

thank god ade satu mamat ni rumah die dekat dengan animal clinic tu...die yang tunjukkan kat mane tempat tu...nun hujung kampung sane tu...macam slum pon ade gak tempat tu...walking distance konon!!!

so, as soon as the doctor seen blacky with his exertion on breathing tu, he get mad of me "why so ignorant" tak bawa gi klinik awal2..and there my guilty comes!i just hoping nothing serious at this time....

he said blacky has severe lung infection and it becoming worst now...he even struggling to take a single he gave 2 injections, one at blacky's thigh i.m and one more kat kulit tengkuk die s.c ...and he prescribed few medications...he said that's the best he can do and we just wait and see later...scary kan...

me and fareed brought about 2000 rs...dengan keadaan blacky memang kiteorang expect atleast 1000rs kot kena bawa, but surprisingly we were asked only 100rs...for the injections,treatment and medications....

my point here is have we ever care before this if your pet getting sick?what disease???it severity?lung infection???pernah dengar ke??

hello ,i don't know about you guys but atleast me i never care before...apetah lagi nak bawa pergi jumpe vet and give medications...but now i really care...sakit sket je dah risau...and now, after the injection blacky da boleh tido, bernafas pon dah tak berbunyi sangat..and to the most im worrying about is if it infectious??to tiger and baby adik(kucing baz) and to us too...human being....and what else can you expect??it is RS disease is infectious like in human i just lock him at least for few days and asingkan pinggang makanan.....kesian??for better it must be done kan...and tomorow i'll bring tiger for check up if he get infected...

till then...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sekali lagi aku dalam dilema!


ko dah lah pemalas
dah la tak study langsung, result pon hampes jer...
memang muke dah kena cop dah kot!!
tu pon ko tak ingat ingat lagi attendance ko tu paras hidop dan mati je...
tu pon nak ponteng lagi ke ..?

actually ni ditujukan kat diri sendiri sebab dah rasa malas nak pegi posting esok...
sumpah malas...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

should we always tell the truth?

logically we should tell the truth nothing else but the truth kan....but have you ever encounter some day in your life where telling truth comes in second?.....and lie better take's either not to disappoint someone's heart or better to discover themselves....and sometimes truth just left hanged without people knowing it..that's is secret....

i wonder what is actually truth and how far truth can play their role?....


Since everyone has commented about my "so-flat" tummy especially the latest pic taken at Goa and my baby boo pon dah call me Gemok i take this challenge to lose another 5kg..and i really hope to reach 53-54kg by end of this month....okey kalau tak sempat awal next month keh...:P

neway here are some record of my body weight lost!

form five:54-56kg
kmb(IB) : 68-69 kg(horror giler time raksasa)
1st year ims: 65kg
before pegi Goa:56kg
after balik Goa :58kg
end of this month:? ....i really hope to reach 54....segan plak nak janji begini..hoho

so mengikut statistics ni memang la badan ku ni kembang kempis je kan....tapi selalunyer kembang je la kan..

so tak nak janji lebeh lebeh...just tunggu dan lihat je lah kan...hohoho!

so some really gonna works diet habit!!

  • first and foremost...jangan makan nasi..LANGSUNG!try seminggu je cukuplah untuk tengok kesannye..but it doesn't mean melantak makan pizza, pasta, roti atau sebagainyer sebagai ganti plak..atleast take more "lauk" like sayur and fishes...
  • or try puasa...sure berkesan gak...tapi boleh jadi tak berkesan sebab melantak berbuka puasa lak kan...
  • next tak boleh nak buat ape kena bersenam gak..atleast jalan2 kat sadhana tu...kasi peluh je...
tips lain2 tak tau lah..but i did this and it really works..!til then...mwahhhh!

Monday, May 4, 2009

i'm back with new tempe skin...haha

I just came back from was really enjoyable time!!

so here are something to share about our weekends in Goa...

There are 6 of us going there by qualis car....ala kereta cam mix jeep and tempo titi tu....all girls,me, aween, ira, baz, nadia and basically Goa is really hot!!! and it's already end of season(peek season month sept-feb) so tak berape ramai mat salehla...we arrived there on friday about 12 noon....memang berpeluh-peluh sebab kereta kiteorang tak de AC.....after check in we'all terus sewa scooter for only rs 200 per deposit no id needed...and surprisingly we don't have to wear helmet pon!and since only 2 from 6 of us yang pandai bawa motor, so got to go for triple seater which is not allowed we've been fined for rs100 for me still murah kot!and the police there give us one permit to carry 3 person for next 24 hours..amazing kan...tapi kena buat muke kesian sket la.....

ni la scooter yang kiteorang sewa- Honda Dio and Activa

ni plak the only people yang reti bawa motor

so we go triple ride...sendat nih!

first day dah kena saman...haha...sekali lagi polis india ni tertipu dengan my malaysian driving lisence...untung-untung!

next day(saturday), we all go Baga beach and play water was a combo or 4 games;parasailing,banana boat riding, bumper boat and jet sky riding, which cost us rs 500 tapi sekejap sangat tak puas....and day after main banana boat sailing to we all semua tak leh gerakkan leher sebab tercampak jauh dari banana boat tu...giler scary!

suasana pagi kat Colangute Beach

-erm...sorry no pics of us sebab semua tak bawa cam mase tu-

again the beach view..this one is Ambrambol Beach...

one thing i'll miss most about Goa is the foods....seafood food..imagine if you can get fresh nicely cooked seafood meals at very reasonable kot!....imagine seafood platter die only at rs 275 and full of all kind 0f seafood from ikan to ketam to udang to kepah to sotong....hmmmm yummy!
i love it!!

ni lah seafood platter yang dikatakan tu...teringin plak lagi!

views?well, it was a very breezy, windy but yet hot....semua yang pegi ni dah sun burn gile-gile dah..macam tempe-tempe Goa jer rasenyer...pakai sunblock pon serupa tak pakai jer..

muke-muke yang dah sun tanned(sun burn pon ader)
tempe2 Goa: me, ira, aween, nadia, ninot, baz (amek gambar)

cam gini lah kiteorang berpakaian ..kegadis-gadisan pada petang dan malam hari..

finally on last day, we all decided to have a motor boat ride to see the wild dolphins which cost us another rs 150 each...memang dolphins tu wild pon tak jinak....mahal but berbaloi sebab kat tengah-tengah laut tu kiteorang dicampak dalam laut dan ditinggalkan cam tu je...nasib tak ade jerung ke kan...

after all;

  • Goa best gile especially if go among girls only...:)
  • all of us exceed our target budget rs 5000....basically we all habis dalam rs 6000-6500 including rooms,transport, makan and shopping sket2..
  • Goa best pegi mase month of sept-march...sebab ramai mat and mak saleh..huhu
  • Goan seafoods memang best!
  • best about Goa: the beaches, beach activities, seafoods!!, baju and seluar cetak rompak yang murah2, warm Goan people, and night activities along the beach....
  • something we missed :( : Goan saturday night market and melawat museum and temple ..hahaha
actually a lot more to tell but guess what?

the best way is to discover yourself right?

.....and to girls yang runsing about safety to travel among girls,it's true there's danger but if you can make sure you'll be together all the time, and put extra suspicion on every strangers you'll be safe!believe me...

till then bubye!

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