Monday, July 20, 2009

tak perlulah kot

Sometimes we tend to judge things by its appearance kan...first impression cam gitew....contohnyer judge behavior thru someone's face before knowing them...

but it doesn't always true!
and i've seen many~~~~
and lately even many been seen..

my mistake actually EARLY judging people by its cover..

but what if i tot this person is muke terbaek~~~ and kalau digosip mesti orang akan kate "weh, ko buat dosa kering je fitnah budak ni contohnyer",and act same way at public, but only those who close to them knows better...which i before don't believe it too...

oklah, my point here is , fake it with others not with me and maybe the other one and especially me...because i started to puke whenever you make me into your act..trimas....

#baz tak elok demam lagi said viral fever...macam ular sawa jer tido kat bilik...H1N1 kot..:0

Saturday, July 18, 2009


sekian trimas.....

dream of my best fren

it's been sometimes i didn't update my blog...kind of bz with everything and all~

actually i just woke up from a dream..dream of my best fren which we never talking each other for quite sometimes due to some reasons...kind of missing it actually...

kla tu jer nak sambung mimpi blik..bla...bla...

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