Monday, December 7, 2009

not as lucky as I always..:(

today i want to tell you some sad stories lately happene
d to me..


i lost my cyber short T70 touchscreen camera..yup that black one!!

it was pretty sad thing and i can't help myself from bursting after i realize that i' ve lost happened at manipal last two days back when the lagenda n food fest things are rolling...i myself realize at the first place to put xtra caution about things we fact i always "kepit" my bag all the time till that 15 minutes unlucky moment...when we are busy eating which i less cautious 'bout my bag. . .owh with that also my purse with ic,bank card , ims id card and insurance card are also gone..:( luckily my new phone n ipod are not "taken"...)

actually,i have tendency to be careless in taking care my stuffs, but i always lucky..that cam for instance, was nearly lost at goa,my fault actually carelessly left it at one of the busy shop at goa. i just realized it after 40 mins we left that shop..and when i hurry back to that shop,it was there untouched!and that wasn't first time! even to my purse, phones and keys..

careless me but lucky me..however, yesterday, i myself can feel a very unlucky me(even before searching) not like how i feel when i misplaced my things before. And i feel damn bad this time coz i've took XTRA caution of that camera not like carelessly as before, but nothing can be done when it is written there..
i just redha..

#tq to MSA people n friends who help me finding the camera n my pursue..tq k!

somewhen this month

Blacky n Baby fall from our balconi to basement..mind you my house is in third floor ok...
so you can imagine how bad it can be...

As for Blacky, he got complete femur fracture and he's recovering well now after however, got some celebral hemorhage and internal organ damage...we suspect the kidneys or bladder are affected coz she got hematuria..but they are all fine now...:)

here are some pics of blacky's and as for baby we didn't have opportunity to take her photo when she got i.v fluid :)just imagine how cat got i.v fluid..:P

complete femur fracture

proses masukkan besi kat kaki blacky

dilalikan and kaki dicukur for operation

bapa yang tenang menunggu anak sedang dibedah

blacky selepas operation


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