Wednesday, November 28, 2012 done with MBBS ya'olz

hey hi.....

lame betul x update blog.berkarat sudah....:))

and yupp im finally done with MBBS and passed my exams already.alhamdulillah....
quite a struggle towards the end..but me n my batch finaly made it.happy!!

now what im doing??

heeeeee...menganggur la sementara di panggil.enjoy the best time i the world.nnt dah keje pyh nk dpt cuti kan..

families..friends and boyfriend.cant get enough of them...syukur for them.without them i'll be nobody.hee
and now just melariskan sari2 ibunda je...maju meh bisness kkin sari ngan bonda ni...will upload some later.and if anyone interested can pm me ..for 
sure good price..:)))

and im all booked with lotsa weddings to be attended.yela org tua2 kata kite datang majlis orang nnt orang datang jugak meraikan majlis kita..

bile pulak majlis i??


insyaallah ade jodoh n pnjang umur ade la nnt.

oklah suri rumah professional ni nak g tolong bonda masak sebelum kena jerit jap lagi..:))

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