Saturday, July 23, 2011

Me and bola

nahhh..i don't watch so much international games but Malaysian games, i rather not miss it...i follow many match. it was not recent hobby , i've following malaysia football games and some international plays since high school...we came from a sports father still doing the coaching things for SUKMA...macamla tak de keje lain...balik keje pukul 5 terus pegi stadium...bile time tournament kiteorang kena paksa datang stadium,tgk anak2 buah die punye event...haha

actually i love watching and cheering our national team..all i expect was a good game!score difference wasn't come first...tho sometimes we the fans tend to "mencarut" when the players not playing well, it was just a comment...of course we want our country or state to win...not a hate words or something..just a fan wants their team to do better and be the best next time...

tho that, i found out recently, i was acting "meroyan" when cheering up either the malaysia oplympic squad or malaysia worldcup qualifying team...hahahahaha...naseb tgk p2p je..kalau kat stadium ni...boleh kena baling keluar dari stadium..

neway, congrats malaysian teams for just finished games against Singapore with 3-5 score, eventhough we lose, we still bring with us 3 away goals...but, i still think today's match the worst ever.....!malas nak komen, sain jiwa!

so i will always support HARIMAU MALAYA... we sure can do far more better than today..looking forward 28th July for second leg match in Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil..we can take this fake lionsssss..hahahaha

go go Malaysia!!

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